Training programmes

Justyna Gęsich
Justyna Gęsich

  • Young Engineers Program

    YEP - The objective of Bunge's Young Engineers Program (YEP) is to attract, develop and keep early recognised talents to perform in the future the leadership roles in our European plants.

    Development at work - You will take part in a training at the workplace, in the plants located in your country, in the area of Pressing, PQSE (Production Quality and Environmental Safety), Refining, work at the Laboratory, Back office, Bottling, Logistics, Products Handling and Efficiency.

    School development - You will participate in the following 4 class/school modules:
    Module 1: Getting to know Bunge in general
    Module 2: Rapeseed processing and oil extraction
    Module 3: Foods, refining, bottled oil and margarine
    Module 4: Projects management and people management

    Action learning projects - As members of multi-functional virtual international teams, you will participate in real business projects, having the opportunity to share your results with the leaders at Bunge's senior management level.

    Benefits of the program

    • Development within the scope of the training at the work station and during the typical classroom/school classes
    • Opportunity to work in inter-cultural teams on real business issues
    • Being noticed by inter-functional business experts and Bunge's senior management managers
    • Familiarization with Bunge's various facilities (production plants, harbours, research-development centres)
    • Latest knowledge on technology (oil plants processing ...)
    • Integration with the culture and values of Bunge
    • Opportunity of permanent employment at Bunge, depending on the successful participation and completion of the program

    Duration - You will be employed as Bunge's employees within the scope of YEP for the period of 18 months.





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    By working for us, you can be promoted within Bunge Group Europe.
    A number of employees, young people in particular, participate in important projects implemented in Switzerland, Germany, Romania and Hungary.