Rapeseed - Excellent Raw Material

We are an important customer of domestic rape production.

We buy rapeseed directly from Polish producers and trading companies. We also cooperate with companies in the area of procurement and quality processing of the raw material (drying and cleaning) and storage of rapeseed. We buy the rapeseed under the contracting agreements and sale agreements. The purchase of rapeseed from reliable business partners guarantees the highest quality standards of the raw material.
By ensuring the quality of the purchased and processed rapeseed we endeavour to provide the producers cooperating with us with qualified seed material of the varieties, which has the best functional properties ensuring a high yield and quality that is so important for the consumers.



The quality assurance also includes the monitoring of the plantations, monitoring of the market of plant pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers used, assurance of good storage conditions of the rapeseed and the quality assessment of the rapeseed at the time of its arrival at the production facility. The reliable quality assessment, transparency of the applied methods of determining the quality based on the applicable standards guarantees good relations with rapeseed suppliers.
In order to ensure the promotion, production growth and continuous improvement of rapeseed quality we provide the producers with access to training in the area of cultivation technology, harvest, drying and storage of seeds. We have been cooperating for a number of years with the scientific-research facilities both from Poland and abroad in the area of modern technologies of rape cultivation and processing. We monitor the rapeseed quality (the application of agrotechnical procedures is recorded in technological sheets, i.e. the use of fertilizers, weeding and protection as well as harvesting of the crops). We are an active member of Polskie Stowarzyszenie Producentów Oleju (Polish Association of Oil Producers).

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Out of concern for increased production and the need for constant improvement of rapeseed quality, we arrange training seminars for farmers and growers on methods of growing, harvesting, drying and storing techniques.