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Zakłady Tłuszczowe "Kruszwica S.A. - the largest processor of oil seeds and manufacturer of vegetable fats in Poland and one of the largest in Central Europe. Our core business is the production of bottled oils, consumer margarines and fats for industrial applications, we also trade in oilseeds and supply crude and refined vegetable oils for industrial applications, mostly for biofuels and biocomponents producers. This segment also includes supplies and distribution of rape meal at home and abroad.
We are part of the Bunge Group, the world's leading processor of oil seeds and the largest manufacturer of vegetable oils worldwide (operating in more than 30 countries and employing more than 25 000 people).
ZT „Kruszwica” S.A. operations are based on a fully integrated operating model that includes the purchase of raw materials, rapeseed processing, refining, production of margarines and fats and finally bottling and delivery of the products to customers. This model helps maintain full control, assuring that highest quality raw materials are used in the production.
In 2006 consolidation process of the oil and fat industry in Poland was initiated.





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The history of the Kruszwica Capital Group is that of several oil and fat companies which have been developing their technological potential in quality and marketing for several decades, offering vegetable products of increasingly improved quality.