Our Mission


Delivering increasingly better foodstuffs to improve life quality.

About us
We are the largest manufacturer of vegetable fats in Poland and are among the largest in Central Europe. Our core business is the manufacture of bottled oils, margarines and fats for industrial applications. We are part of the Bunge Group, the world’s leader in the processing of oil seeds.
Manufacturing plants
The KRUSZWICA Capital Group consists of four manufacturing plants, based around an integrated manufacturing system comprising:
  • purchase of rapeseed
  • pressing of seed oil
  • refining of vegetable oils
  • processing and manufacturing of vegetable oils, margarines and fats
  • bottling of vegetable oils
Environmental care and safety
We demonstrate nature's perfection and we are aware of the value of its resources. That is why we protect the environment. Responsibility for the environment surrounding us and care to ensure a high level of safety at work are part of the Bunge Group's mission.
Bunge as a strategic investor
The Bunge Group is one of the largest world’s processors of oil seeds and a leading manufacturer of bottled vegetable oils.
By consolidating the oil and fat producers in Poland, we have created the strong comapany ZT "KRUSZWICA" S.A., with the capacity to be competitive on the European market.