Ecology, Safety, Quality

We demonstrate nature's perfection and we are aware of the value of its resources. This is why we protect the natural environment. Responsibility for the environment surrounding us and care to ensure a high level of safety at work are part of the Bunge Group's mission.

Our activities for the benefit of the environment are part of the Principles of Corporate Responsibility as approved throughout the whole Bunge Group. These are:

  1. making every effort to contribute to the economic and social development of the community we work in, as part of the local environment;
  2. moving towards the development of high environmental standards by adapting scientifically proven, culturally sensitive and effective best practices that we promote among our contractors;
  3. planning partnerships with businesses and organisations that promote and implement environmental practices;
  4. ensuring open communication with our shareholders of our activities in this field.
Moreover, the Manufacturing Plant in Kobylniki have implemented and certified Environmental Management System compliant with the ISO 14001 standard. One of the key principles of this system is constant self-improvement by setting and achieving objectives that reduce the plant’s impact on the environment.
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We are a member of Polska Koalicja Przemysłowa na Rzecz Opakowań Przyjaznych Środowisku "EKO-PAK". We use ecological materials for packaging manufacture and, consequently, we reduce any negative impact on the environment.