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Optima Omega 3 - NEWS!
Optima_notka_wprowadzeniowa.jpgOptima Omega 3 - our new oil supporting the health of your heart.
It contains natural Omega 3 fatty acids, which help to maintain right cholesterol level.
The oil can be used for salads as well as for frying and roasting.
It is packed in a dark green glass bottle protecting its nutritional values.
Kujawski with herbs. NEW!
bazylia.jpg"Kujawski with taste" - this is the latest line of our products - explains Agnieszka Jastrzębska, Brand Manager. We offer the consumer rapeseed oil with the addition of natural herbs, which will give the excellent and unique taste for any meal.
NEW! Optima Cardio and Optima Omega 3 already on sale
cardio.jpgThe studies show that two out of three adult Poles have a problem with increased level of cholesterol. We recognise the development potential of pro-health margarines segment, thus we launch a new brand at the end of October this year - OPTIMA in two product variants - explains Katarzyna Marczewska.
Optima Omega 3 is a natural source of Omega 3 acids contributing to keep the cholesterol at the correct level and thus supporting a healthy heart.
NEW! Kujawski - cold filtered
KUJAWSKI_3L_PET_VISU_2.jpgKujawski from cold filtration. Cold filtration is an innovative method of vegetable oil production based on incorporation of additional processes to further increase the quality of Kujawski oil. The oil produced under this technology preserves its fresh neutral taste and fragrance for longer period. The "cold filtration" attribute is another distinguishing quality of Kujawski brand, following the introduction of the " first press" concept.
The Optima Cardio campaign is starting today. NEW
Logo_Cardio_Optima.jpgThe new campaign promoting our new product, Optima Cardio, is starting today, i.e. 15 November. The adverts in the press and electronic media are already available and the advertising spot will be broadcast by television before popular programs, films and television series.
Young Engineers Programme - join us!

YEPlogo.jpgWe are looking for talented people, ready to tackle new challenges, who would like to join the Young Engineers Programme.

“KRUSZWICA’s results have soared. The growth in oil seed rape prices and, consequently, the increase in prices of rape-based oils and margarines have improved manufacturing margins, translating into a net profit of more than 114 million PLN (...)” More