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Changes in the Supervisory Board and the Management Board

tommy.jpgTommy Jensen, holding to date the function of the President of the Company's Management Board, was appointed by the General Shareholders Meeting of ZT "Kruszwica" S.A., which was held on 31 May 2012, to the position of the President of the Supervisory Board. We should also add that Tommy Jensen was appointed to the position of the CEO Bunge EMEA.
wojtek.jpgPursuant to the decision of the Supervisory Board of ZT "Kruszwica" S.A., Mr. Wojciech Jachimczyk was appointed as the new President of the Company's Management Board.

Our projects in the Responsible Business Report

"We are helping the bees with Kujawski" and "Master's Academy" projects were included in the published report: Responsible Business in Poland 2011.

The Forbes Diamonds – Kruszwica awarded

In the FORBES DIAMONDS ranking, ZT "Kruszwica" S.A. was awarded #2 among largest Polish companies. Tommy Jensen, the President of Kruszwica Management Board, requested by Marcin Kaczmarczyk for reasons why Kruszwica has not been affected by the crisis, responds:
- For many years we have been following one and the same strategy...

Since February 2011 we are launching Oliwier campaign!

OLIWIER_billboard.jpgSince February 2011 we are launching Oliwier campaign! It will last five weeks, until March 6th. This is the first phase of the campaign which will continue in the following months till the end of the year. Oliwier will be presented to a wide range of consumers on TV, in other media, on bilboards in large cities and on internet TV.

Solucci from Tuscany - NEW!
solluci.jpgIt is already there in the market, the innovative oil from Kruszwica Solucci. We procured the oil from Italian sunflowers to complete the taste of Tuscany dishes. The intense yellow and appetising colour underlines the Southern origin. It is the only oil in the market to include roasted seeds of sunflower!
Solucci is excellent for fried, cooked and salad applications.
“KRUSZWICA’s results have soared. The growth in oil seed rape prices and, consequently, the increase in prices of rape-based oils and margarines have improved manufacturing margins, translating into a net profit of more than 114 million PLN (...)” More