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"Kujawski Polish Recipe" has been awarded the prestige award "Voted Product of The Year - Innovation of 2009".
"Kujawski Polish Recipe" has been awarded the prestige award "Voted Product of The Year - Innovation of 2009".


North European Olive Oil – Rapeseed
The 9th International Research and Technology Conference “North European Olive Oil – Rapeseed” was organized by the Faculty of Chemistry of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.
This scientific conference was managed by Prof. dr hab. Edward Szłyk and Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Krygier and devoted to new analytical and technological challenges in rapeseed oil production.

Kruszwica acquires ZPT Warszawa
27 February 2009: The Court in Bydgoszcz has formally registered the merger between ZT Kruszwica and ZPT Warszawa.

Until now, ZPT Warszawa has been a subsidiary of Kruszwica. The company was indirectly acquired by Bunge in December 2006, as part of the first stage of Bunge consolidation in Poland.
tjensen-male2.jpgThe Court's registration of the merger successfully completes the long and challenging process of consolidation of four companies.
MASTER'S ACADEMY – Bunge Europe Food Award
The “Master's Academy” is an original project from the Professional Product Department of ZT Kruszwica SA This project took first place in the European edition of the Bunge Europe Food Excellence Award for: “development and successful implementation of the Master's Academy concept, based on training seminars, workshops and special events addressed to the professional product market.”
Write a blog with ... recipes

Please visit our cooking-devoted website at www.zpierwszegotloczenia.pl The site is a community platform for those who already cook and those who want to cook or simply looking for a recipe for a special dish. 

Good Results for the first three quarters of 2008

The company has published abbreviated consolidated financial statements for the first three quarters of 2008. The revenues of the Kruszwica Group in the first three quarters of 2008 increased by 18.3% compared to the same period in 2007, and amounted to 1,571,173,000 PLN. As a result of the considerable increase in the gross margin coupled with relatively stable financial costs, the net profit for the first three quarters of 2008 amounted to 117,556,000 PLAN, exceeding the figure for the previous year (i.e. 9,319,000 PLN) by 108,237,000 PLN.

“KRUSZWICA’s results have soared. The growth in oil seed rape prices and, consequently, the increase in prices of rape-based oils and margarines have improved manufacturing margins, translating into a net profit of more than 114 million PLN (...)” More