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Kujawski with herbs. NEW!

bazylia.jpg"Kujawski with taste" - this is the latest line of our products - explains Agnieszka Jastrzębska, Brand Manager. We offer the consumer rapeseed oil with the addition of natural herbs, which will give the excellent and unique taste for any meal. The unique concept of combining the rapeseed oil from first pressing with the aromatic herbs enriches the taste of the meals, which makes it ideal for frying, baking and salads.

The line consists of four product variants:
- Kujawski with garlic
- Kujawski with basil
- Kujawski with garlic and basil
- Kujawski with tomatoes, garlic and basil

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“KRUSZWICA’s results have soared. The growth in oil seed rape prices and, consequently, the increase in prices of rape-based oils and margarines have improved manufacturing margins, translating into a net profit of more than 114 million PLN (...)” More