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NEW! Optima Cardio and Optima Omega 3 already on sale

cardio.jpgNEW! Optima Cardio and Optima Omega 3 already on sale
The studies show that two out of three adult Poles have a problem with increased level of cholesterol. We recognise the development potential of pro-health margarines segment, thus we launch a new brand at the end of October this year - OPTIMA in two product variants - explains Katarzyna Marczewska.
Optima Omega 3 is a natural source of Omega 3 acids contributing to keep the cholesterol at the correct level and thus supporting a healthy heart.
Optima Cardio contains natural plant sterols and effectively reduces the cholesterol level already after three weeks of its daily use.

By launching on the market the Optima Cardio brand, a product reducing the cholesterol level, we would like to additionally meet the growing demand for a product dedicated for people paying attention to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases - offering Optima Omega 3.
Thus the family of Optima products will be a more comprehensive offer of the products meeting the needs of the consumers in various segments - added K. Marczewska.
The market launch of a new brand will be accompanied by a television campaign, which shall start on 15 November. We hope that the message carried by the campaign will not only reach the current consumers of pro-health margarines, but will also persuade the consumers, for whom the daily anti-cholesterol prevention is particularly important.

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