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Our company is a leader in the Polish bottled oils market and a leading manufacturer of consumer margarines. Our flagship product is “Olej Kujawski z Pierwszego Tłoczenia” (Extra Virgin/First Pressing Kujawski Oil).


We are also #1 on the industrial product market. For years we have been appreciated by bakery and confectionery businesses that purchase our shortenings and professional margarines. We also count catering establishments and caterers among our customers.
Apart from being a supplier of a wide range of consumer products, ZT “Kruszwica” SA is a major manufacturer and supplier of crude and refined vegetable oils for industrial use, mainly for the production of biofuels and biocomponents.

For many years now we have maintained a leading position in the supply and distribution of rape meal for the animal feed industry at home and abroad.


Since 1 September 2010 Kruszwica is an exclusive distributor of Bunge Polska brands, including Benecol, Masmix, Pyszny Duet and Beviva.


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Product quality and safety
Our ultimate goal is to provide suitable and safe products that meet the expectations of our customers and consumers. All our products have certificates demonstrating their high quality.