Product Quality and Safety

All product safety and quality activities at “Kruszwica SA” are systemic measures based on careful development of new product concepts and technologies, careful selection of suppliers and subcontractors, close monitoring of production, development of the distribution network and other actions that are aimed at consumer satisfaction.

Implemented and certified quality management systems assist us in implementing the concept of safe and stable production “from the field to the table” and win the recognition of our customers. Numerous awards and certificates motivate us to continuously improve and extend our range of products and services. We want to meet the growing expectations of our customers and consumers.

  • We have implemented the Company Code of Good Manufacturing and Hygienic Practice that guarantees manufacturing of consumer safe food.
  • For many years now, we have had a certified Quality System in place that guarantees the stable quality and safety of our products.
  • We are willing to submit our manufacturing process and products to evaluation of external organisations. We have already received several recommendations, prizes and awards.


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Product quality and safety
Our ultimate goal is to provide suitable and safe products that meet the expectations of our customers and consumers.
All our products are manufactured in line with recognized international quality standards. Owing to the quality and safety system in place, we deliver products of the utmost quality.