Professional Products

Our shortenings and professional margarines are bought mainly by confectioners and bakers.

We cultivate the tradition of Polish craftsmanship.

Our customers are very demanding partners. Only the highest quality of our margarines and shortenings and professional customer care make it possible for us to maintain our leading position in that market. We want to base our relationships with customers on partnership and friendly cooperation, hence the MASTER'S ACADEMY project.

This innovative project, both for Poland and the entire Bunge Group, consists of specialised workshops, lectures, meetings and presentations. The Academy becomes a platform for sharing experience, knowledge and the latest trends in the confectionery industry.

The Master's Academy's patron is the World Champion Confectioner, Mr Mieczysław Chojnowski.


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Meetings with confectioners as part of the Master's Academy have already become a great tradition. They provide an opportunity for presentation of patisseries made by outstanding experts from Poland and abroad.